Multiple Teams · Cross Country Results – Calallen Meet Oct 1st


Cross Country Meet Results

Meet:             Calallen Wildcat XC invite                                         Date: 01 October 2016


Varsity Girls: No team                                         Varsity Boys: Individuals only

JVG– 3rd place/7 teams                                         JVB: None

JH Girls– Individuals only                                    JH Boys: Individual only

Varsity Girls:                                                         Varsity Boys: out of 110 boys

3 miles

Marcus Sarate- 19:39, 62nd

Alex Aguilar, Jr.- 19:41, 65th

Matthew Nelson- 23:36, 102nd


JVG: out of 80 girls                                                   JVB:

2 miles

Felicia Ortiz- 13:01, 2nd

Mireyna Solis- 13:19, 5th

Allie Rodriguez- 14:32, 17th

Brianna Olivares- 15:16, 29th

Brittnie Briseno- 16:29, 51st


JHG:                                                                           JHB:

2 miles                                                                         2 miles

7th grade girls                                                              7th grade boy

Eddika Hernandez- 14:43, 5th                                     Buddy Rodriguez- 16:43, 46th

Yaneli Aguilar- 15:15, 8th

Chaselyn Cochran- 16:47, 26th


8th grade girl                                                                8th grade boy

Jada Alvarado- 18:01, 36th                                          Isaick Estrada- 14:22, 27th

Coach’s Comments:

A lot of improvement from many of our runners right before the district meet in 2 weeks.


Next meet- CC Metro Miller XC meet at West Guth Park, Saturday, October 08, 2016.