Multiple Teams · Cross Country Team Competes @ Beeville / Skidmore Invitational


Cross Country Meet Results

Meet:             Beeville-Skidmore                                 Date: 10 September 2016

Varsity Girls: 3rd place                                        Varsity Boys: Individuals only

JV Girls– Individuals only                                    JVB: None

JH Girls– Individuals only                                    JH Boys: Individuals only


Varsity Girls: out of 85 girls                                 Varsity Boys: out of 78 boys

2.1 mile course                                                            3.1 mile course

Felicia Ortiz- 13:47, 6th                                              Marcus Sarate- 20:18, 21st

Mireyna Solis – 14:23 14th                                        George Trevino- 20:21, 22nd

Kaylynn Martinez- 15:45, 16th                                   Marshall Martin- 22:11, 44th

Allie Rodriguez – 15:16   27th

Vanessa Vega- 16:20, 53rd                                          Matthew Nelson- 24:35, 65th


JV Girls: out of 83 girls                                             JV Boys: out of boys

2.1 mile course                                                            2.1 mile course

Catrina Soto- 17:41, 36th

Katryna Hernandez- 17:48, 38th

Anevay Rodriguez- 18:38, 50th

Sandra Tovar- 20:30, 63rd

JH Girls: out of 148 girls                                            JH Boys: out of 141 boys

1.5 mile course                                                            1.5 mile course

Eddika Hernandez- 11:20, 16th                                 Isaick Estrada- 10:16, 32nd

Yaneli Aguilar- 11:20, 17th                                                     Buddy Rodriguez- 12:09, 100th

Chaselyn Cochran- 12:07, 37th                                  Justin Bronaugh- 14:29, 131st

Nickole Stroman- 12:22, 46th                                    Jake Rosenbaum- 14:46, 13nd


Coach’s Comments:

Next meet- Islander Splash 2016 at Momentum Campus- chance to compete on the regional course against other 1A, 2A, and 3A teams.