Bobcats News · Helping out one of our Bobcat Family Members.

Hello everyone.
I feel it is important to try to take care of those that take care of us. I am getting word out for a benefit BBQ. Stephen Longoria’s (WORKS IN OUR MAINTENANCE DEPT) wife Cristy, has recently been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive breast cancer. At this point they are still gathering their options and making lots of trips to several doctors. Most of us know someone who has faced that fight and that journey is just beginning for them. I have attached a copy of the tickets. They are $7 each. The BBQ will be on March 5th from 11am until 2pm . If you would like some tickets, please contact me and I will bring them to you. If you have any other ideas or advice, please email me and I will get it to Stephen. Thanks

Steve Batchelor
Director Of Operations
Skidmore-Tynan ISD
“The Destination of Choice”

Longoria Benefit